Yıldız Technical University Department of Mathematics was established in 1984 and settled on Davutpaşa Campus. Our students are modern, enterprising, questioning, self-confident, have team spirit, are equipped in the field of mathematics, and have internalized mathematical analytical thinking. We aim to raise individuals who are beneficial to the state, and society, sensitive to the environment, carry ethical values and constantly renew themselves.


Our mathematics department is recognized by national and international scientific institutions, can exchange students between equivalent departments of universities abroad, cooperates with different fields of science, and encourages faculty members in scientific studies.


The BOLOGNA Process created by 48 countries is established to make higher education systems comparable and compatible with each other. Our department is affiliated by the Bologna system and the transition of our department's students and instructors from one higher education system to another has been facilitated.


The Department of Mathematics is also affiliated at the Mevlana and Farabi Exchange Programs and our students and lecturers can exchange between higher education institutions in Turkey and abroad. In this way, our students got to know a different education system and institutions integrated into this system, developed their foreign languages, learned the economy and business life of the country they visited, and gained the ability to meet and communicate with different cultures. Our academicians will also have done joint research projects, intensive programs, and curriculum development studies.


The Department of Mathematics takes into account the academic, personal, and social needs of its students and faculty members, keeps the course content and diversity updated in parallel with modern life, and aims to make significant contributions to the careers of students while drawing their roadmaps, and can address the problems faced by graduates in terms of information and technology, It has made it its mission to be a department that supports the use of today's technology. Our department has prepared the curricula of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs under the basic headings of analysis and theory of functions, algebra and number theory, geometry, topology, and applied mathematics.


In the Department of Mathematics, students will also have double major opportunities with the programs such as Biomedical Engineering, Control, and Automation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mapping Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical, Architecture, Physics, Statistical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics, Compound Arts, Graphic Design, Musical Ensembles, Sound Arts Design.


Mathematics students have the advantage of lateral transfer, vertical transfer, and double major opportunities.


Our department has faculty members who are productive, harmonious in teamwork, equipped to carry out academic and teaching studies, carry out active and up-to-date scientific studies, and are in constant communication with students. There are 12 Professors, 14 Associate Professors, 10 Doctors, 1 Lecturer Doctor, and 14 Research Assistants in our department. Our current academic staff, as of 2022, has 455 Undergraduate, 101 Postgraduate, and 41 Doctorate students in our department, and also conducts the Mathematics, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations service courses of all Engineering Faculties of our University.


Faculty members of the department organize international conferences; They continue their academic studies at full speed by making presentations at various conferences and joint projects with their working teams. There are three active working groups carried out by our academic staff:


• Yüce Research Group https://avesi.yildiz.edu.tr/arastirma-grubu/yucerg

• Howard-Yıldız Analysıs Research Group https://avesis.yildiz.edu.tr/arastirma-grubu/arg

• International Mathematical Analysis Society https://mobile.twitter.com/int_analysis